Tony "Indian" Leenes

Who is Tony Leenes

Tony "Indian" Leenes (1951), born and raised as a Frysian (Heerenveen), made his first bike rides when he was only three years old, sitting on the backseat of his father's motorcycle.


His first motorcycle was a Sparta with a Villiers engine of 125 cc., rebuilt by himself. He distinguished himself from others, not purposely, but he would always want something different than other people. The term "LEBA" (Leenes Batavus) still remains fresh in the memory of many of his age.


He was just 17, no drivers license yet, when he already drove around. After a month of being watched by the police, the Sparta à la Leenes was taken off the road. Father Leenes punished him even harder (ask Tony about it when you meet him). But nothing could stop Tony.


Somewhere in the village Tony found an abandoned old Indian Chopper. He rebuilt this motorcycle in his own style in the barn of a friend of his. After he finally got his motorcycle driver's license and immediately became 'king of the road' in his home town Heerenveen; his passion for Indian motorcycles was born.


He got his driving license for cars 5 years later, after failing three times. The reason for failing was always the same: "You drive the car like a motorcycle!".


After being a Volvo warehouse manager for years ("my warehouse/parts depot was the best in Europe and was used as a model for the whole company"), in 1989 Tony decided to choose completely for his passion: creating and restoring Indians, combined with selling Indian parts and accessories during Rallies, exhibitions and in his own shop.


On the Dutch island of Texel, Valentine's Day 1999, Tony "Indian" Leenes met Hennie, his today partner and just as fond of the Indian lifestyle. One and a half hour after they met, they knew that destiny has brought them together. Hennie "Hendee" Oldersma (1956) adopted the name "Hendee", with a wink to George Hendee, one of the two founders of Indian Motorcycles.


Together with their two cats, named Nietes and Spooky, and two dogs Pekosha and Hiawatta, Tony "Indian" Leenes en Hennie "Hendee" Oldersma live a life that many people can only dream of.


Why Indian Motorcycles

Building motorcycles, creating and restoring them is in Tony's blood. If he can not use his artistic side and can not let his fantasy go its way, it has no use for him. He is different from others, just like an Indian Motorcycle. The fact that he goes against the grain in the States does not bother him, Indian Motorcycles and everything related to "Indian" fascinates him and never lets him go. Tony is Indian!


Special projects

Helping special projects

He does not tell anybody, but Tony guides people who have less money to spend. The big "Indian" heart of Tony Leenes comes around the corner when helping special projects, his cooperation and contribution always remaining in the background.


Acting in films

Tony "Indian" Leenes can be seen in advertisements, posters and movies, he co-works with television shows and is always in for something different.


Now and in the future

"We do not plan anything! We will see what crosses our path."

As unique and outspoken as Tony is in everything, he is also like that in this area.


Tony and Hennie have a busy life. Next to the museum and his job in his workshop, Tony and Hennie travel all over the world.


They visit exhibitions in Germany, Sweden, Italy, UK, Australia and Denmark. Also, they visit practically every international Indian Rally. These Indian Rallies are adventures. During an Indian Rally hundreds of people with a shared passion for Indians come together, with many Indian Motorcycles to watch and admire!